Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Tryst with Date/Calendar Pickers for Java Swing

For one of my recent projects, I had to work on Java Swing and check out some date/calendar pickers for Java Swing. My expectations were not stringnet. I could use any Date Picker as long it was free and open source :). Customization was not important either. So I narrowed down on the following three simple Date Picker which are available as Swing components:

1. JCalendar: - Seems to have a lot of options to customize
2. JxDatePicker - It is part of a much larger Swing component Library called SwingX.
3. Finally Settled on Microba Date Picker -

There are many more options. The free ones are fairly useful and each of them have many customization options such as timezone, setting the date at instantiation time, look and feel, number of years a user is allowed to navigate to, etc that must be looked into and exploited

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Rajarajan Panneerselvam said...

I am in a similar situation like. I've been trying to use a datepicker. just read your blog. I'm a new comer in Java. I am using Netbeans to develop my app, can you help me on how to use microba with my GUI application? thanks in advance.